Saturday, June 12, 2010


These are some new funky sunglasses in the stardoll shop. They are fashionable and affordable (:

New Stores

There are some new stores out!!!
This is "Splash Swimwear" it is a new store! Im happy to see that stardoll finally opened a swimsuit store! Hopefully they get some bikinis for non-superstars

This is "DVF" a Diane Furstenberg TRIBUTE. This is pretty amazing!

I love Chanel! And i am sooooo happy that stardoll came out with a "Chanel Tribute"

This is "Garden Variety" All i have to say is AWESOME WAY TO BECOME GREEN ON STARDOLL!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some Ah-Mazing Designs

click on picture to see better

Lindamissanto Designs ♥

Clip to see better! I think these Disigns are AH-MAZING

Alice In Wonderland Inspired Outfit

This outfit was offically created by: CrystalJoy2

Lights Off for Men

Lights Off is a new men clothing store. Its about time stardoll added some more men apparel! Well if you are a guy you probably will like these clothes, but if your not superstar forget it. Once again stardoll makes it only for superstars, WAY TO GET YOU MONEY STARDOLL (NOT!)!